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2019 NCAA Indoors Championships

BIRMINGHAM, AL. – When the 2019 Indoor Track and Field Championships ended, most of the finals winners were as expected with the top ranked men and women division one NCAA teams throughout the year battling to hoist the championship trophies.

The Track and Field Finals prove that the SEC takes more than football serious, as Arkansas women beat out its closest competitor University of Southern California (USC) 62-51.  

The Florida men team took home the first place team trophy with a 55-44 total score over Houston.  Mr. do-it-all Florida’s Grant Holloway set a new collegiate record in the 60 meter hurdles corssing the finishing line at 7:35.    The Bowerman Preseason Watch list performer followed up with a first place finish in the 60 meters dash.  Another 2019 Women’s Bowerman Preseason Watch List and SEC participant, Arkansas’s Lexi Jacobus finished first in the pole vault.  Other notable highlights included Kentucky’s Daniel Roberts finishing second behind Flordia’s Holloway at 7:41 which also breaks the previous collegiate record.  Alabama’s Shelby McEven took first place in the high jump, while LSU’s Ju Vaughn Harrison and Tennessee’s Darryl Sullivan tied for second in the high jump.

The HBCU’s MEAC participants performance was noteworthy and proved they could compete with the nation’s best as North Carolina A&T’s Kayla White was first in the 200 meter dash and second in the 60 meter hurdles.  South Carolina State’s Tyrell Richard took first place in the 400 meter dash with a time of 44.82 and Bethune-Cookman’s Quamecha Morrison took second place in the women high jump.