Our Objective
Sports South Media is a disabled veteran owned and operated limited liability company dedicated to providing sporting news and information and visual media support to college and universities athletic department in the local Atlanta Metropolitian Market and the Southeastern United States. The company provides sports photography editorial support to county newspapers covering 21 high schools.  Since a 2017 survey indicates that in the Southeast, the State of Georgia High Schools alone has on average 4000 football players on teams in colleges and universities around the nation, emphasis is placed covering the full spectrum of football from high school to division one level.

  Our intent is to:
    > Provide balance FBS,FCS,HBCU and small college sporting events highlights.

    > Highlight a variety of different sporting events.

    > Highlight some of the local student athletes journey from high school to college.

   >  Use photographic tools and education to support military veterans dealing with PTSD.