Tameka McSpadden Executive Editor.
Tameka is a graduate of Bellevue University with degrees in Healthcare Management and Business Administration.
During college Tameka participated and placed in multiple competitive writing competitions. Throughout her career
Tameka has written for media organizations in California, New York, and Northern Virginia.








C.J. Walker Digital Editor.
C.J. is an United States Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of ITT Tech with a degree in Network Security.
In addition to helping business owners and social media influencers keep their networks secure while using the latest technology available,
C.J. has traveled throughout the world helping to provide humanitarian aid.








Ben Ennis Executive Sports Writer & Lead Photographer.
A retired military veteran  with a Business Degree, University of Colorado and M.B. A. ,Atlanta University , dedicated to capturing unique
moments during sporting events.
Received Public Affairs training to include photography while in the Army.